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Fire & Smoke Damage

The resulting destruction of your property from fire and smoke damage is the most devastating and dramatic experience an owner can experience. Depending on the severity and magnitude of the fire, the Fire Department will ensure all fires have been extinguished and start an investigation into the cause.

At this time, ASIR can assist immediately with site stabilization, security, roof covering, board-up, temporary power installations and debris removal to mitigate any further damage. Once an assessment of the damage has been completed and approved by the insurance adjuster and other stakeholders, our technicians can engage in recovery actions to restore your property and contents to pre-loss condition.

There are three (3) types of damages that requires remediation:


  • Water Damage occurs from sprinklers and Fire Departments’ hoses requires extraction of all standing water and drying of salvageable materials.
  • Smoke Damage, or soot film damage, requires different cleaning techniques depending on the temperature, source and rate of the fire. As smoke can travel throughout the property and literally on all surfaces. Recovery of contents and building materials is extremely time-sensitive as the soot film can permanently damage the surfaces. All mechanical and electrical systems will require a thorough cleaning and inspection prior to resuming normal operations.
  • Odour Damage requires various equipment, either at the site or at our facilities, to remove the smoke odour left in various materials.

ASIR understands your needs and concerns as our technicians are professionally trained in fire & smoke restoration without placing your family at further risk. Our Project Manager will perform an assessment of the situation and establish an emergency remediation plan. This remediation plan will be explained clearly to you before any work starts.

ASIR offers industry-standard restoration services that are competitively priced within our industry. ASIR technicians can remove, clean and seal soot or odour found at your home. For peace of mind, ASIR can provide indoor air quality testing which shows the indoor air quality is safe for your family.