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Mould Remediation

Mould growth can only occur when the right amounts of organic material (i.e. fuel), oxygen (i.e. air) and water (i.e. moisture) are combined. In any type of property, Mould growth can start to grow seventy-two (72) hours after water is exposed to building materials.

Some possible areas mould growth can develop are the underside of sheathing in the attic, drywall, wood framing and building paper.

Mould remediation is a process that detects, disinfects and removes mould species from surfaces where growth is present. A scope of the mould damage will be documented and steps required to remediate the damage. Furthermore, the original problem that resulted in the mould growth will be addressed to the Property Owner prior to any remediation procedures.

  • Damage Assessment
  • Optional, requested by the Property Owner, Indoor Air Quality Test (i.e. performed at start and end of remediation)
  • Containment Barriers with Non-Cross Contamination and Decontamination Procedures
  • Disinfecting Mould Spores on Surfaces
  • Removal of Mould on Surfaces (Abrasive, Chemical or Dry Ice Blast)
  • Disposal and Cleanup