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Storm Damage

Storm damage can vary significantly by type and severity depending on the weather pattern. A hurricane, tornado or powerful wind storm can uproot trees, lift debris or hail that can severely damage a part or the entire structure on your property. Unexpected and sudden rain can cause flooding to properties in low-lying areas. In the winter, blizzards can cause ice dams and wind damage to structures on your property.

Timing is critical to recover damaged structures or contents caused by storm damage.

At ASIR, our project managers and technicians are available ANYTIME with equipment and labour capacity to mitigate further damage with these emergency services.

  • Emergency Board-Up and Cover Services
  • Perimeter Fencing

After severe storm damage that affects many properties, ASIR can rapidly deploy labour and equipment including the ASIR Emergency Mobile Center (EMC). The ASIR EMC can provide independent power, communications and site management personnel to mitigate storm damage on a number of properties.

After the mitigation of the storm damage, ASIR works with your insurance provider to rebuild your home or business. Furthermore, our team of skilled, trained and experienced tradespeople who are extremely devoted to get people back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.